© Chris Taylor

© Chris Taylor


Please note: NYc honey week is on hiatus while the producers work on other exciting projects. We will post updates as we have them for 2018 and beyond.



A weeklong, citywide festival celebrating the honeybee.  Honey Week 2016 merges the educational, the entertaining, and the downright delicious. From beekeeping classes to honey-themed dinners, apiary tours to honey tastings, cooking classes to kids' workshops, the festival flits from neighborhood to neighborhood, drawing deep from apicultural traditions and New York City's cultural traditions alike. The week culminates in the sixth annual daylong Honey Fest at Rockaway Boardwalk for a free, family-friendly extravaganza featuring art, food, music, kids’ arts and crafts, the Bee Marketplace, and, of course, honey galore!

As honeybee populations decline worldwide, the very survival of our food production system is threatened. The canaries in our agricultural coal mine, Apis mellifera have so much to teach us about ecosystem survival and resilience. Their incredible hierarchy, astounding industriousness, and the exquisite crops they produce have been revered by humans since ancient times. We must act now to educate ourselves about this critical species and honor the inspiring contributions they make to the health of our struggling planet.

Check out our EVENTS page for a full lineup of the week's program!